Signs It’s Time To Upgrade Your Electrical Wiring

electrical re-wiring

Photo: grendelkhan

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Upgrading electrical wiring in Montgomery County homes can seem like a huge hassle. When the lights turn on and the appliances run, why should you go through the trouble of updating old wiring?

The fact is that outdated wiring can be a like a ticking time bomb. Every year, the National Fire Prevention Association lists faulty wiring as a leading cause of residential fires. The older your home is — and there are some beautiful old houses in Montgomery and Bucks Counties — the greater the risk that something is wired dangerously. After all, when these homes were built, residential structures weren’t drawing nearly as much electricity as they do today to power computers, televisions, coffee makers, and all of the other gadgets we love.

The Lansdale electricians at Wes Carver Electric want to keep you informed about faulty wiring, which is why we’ve compiled this list of signs that it’s time for a wiring upgrade:

  • Electrical outlets are warm, sparking, or discolored
  • There is a tingling sensation when you touch an appliance
  • Lights are dimming or flickering often
  • Breakers are tripping and fuses blowing frequently
  • Particular rooms or appliances emit a consistent burning smell
  • The house contains many two-pronged ungrounded outlets
  • Areas where moisture is a factor (bathrooms, kitchens, etc.) aren’t outfitted with ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) outlets

Are you experiencing these signs of electrical wiring malfunction? In the spirit of being safe rather than sorry, you should enlist a Montgomery County electrician to inspect your wiring. This is a smart move especially if you can’t remember the last time your home’s wiring was inspected.

Worried about a rewiring job dragging on and on, leaving your home in an endless state of disarray? We’ve found that updating electrical wiring takes anywhere from five days to two weeks for an entire house, which isn’t so bad when you remember that you’re safeguarding your home against a big fire risk. In addition, you can make the process easier by having rewiring done at the same time as other renovations, when contractors are digging into the walls anyway.

Another benefit of having your home rewired is you can take advantage of the situation by having some helpful features installed! Dimmers and lighting controls, flat screen TV mounting and installation, tile warming/flooring heating systems: These are all possibilities when you put a skilled Bucks County electrician to work on your home!

If you’re in need of electrical wiring help in Montgomery or Bucks Counties, you know who to call! Wes Carver Electric can be reached at (215) 855-3340 or by emailing