Testing a GFI Outlet

Testing a GFI Outlet

GFI’s should be tested once a month to ensure proper operation and protect against life-threatening electrical shock. To test a GFI protected outlet, follow the steps below:

  1. Plug a light into the GFI protected outlet.
  2. Turn the light on to verify the light bulb is lit.
  3. Push the “TEST” button on the GFI. The “RESET” button should pop out and the light bulb should go out.
  4. Push the “RESET” button to restore power to the outlet.
  5. If steps 1-4 worked, the GFI protected outlet is functioning and no further action is needed.

* If the “RESET” button does not pop out, the GFI is defective and should be replaced. If the “RESET” button pops out but the light does not go out, the GFI has been improperly wired. Contact a licensed electrician to correct the wiring errors.