The Benefits of Partnering With Landscape Design and Installation Specialists

When you first moved into your house, you may have fallen in love with the potential of the property, but how much have you checked off your list since you bought it? Landscape lighting design and installation is an excellent way to upgrade your home’s curb appeal while increasing available entertaining space and easing potential security concerns. Typically, landscape lighting companies are limited to design or installation, but Wes Carver Electric is a full-service company and can help you take your backyard from a simple lawn to an entertaining oasis. 

Landscape Lighting Can Give Your Home That “Magazine Look”

Have you driven through new developments or paged through home and garden magazines, only to look back at your house and wonder what it’s missing? Allow us to answer that question for you! Landscaping lighting design can highlight the architectural elements of your home, accentuate the most beautiful components of your landscaping, and boost the overall curb appeal of your property. With design and installation services from Wes Carver Electric, you can make sure that all parts of your vision are carried out without the risk of miscommunication between different companies and departments. As a full-service company, we pride ourselves on curating and implementing key features of our client’s visions. Unlike more delicate landscaping items, such as tender annuals and perennial plants, landscaping lighting offers year-round aesthetic benefit to your property. 

Landscaping Lighting Design Comes With Smart Features

Landscape lighting can be installed with integrated smart features such as remote control from a smartphone app. With our landscape lighting services, you can count on your lights working as designed — even when you’re away from home. The smartphone app will allow you to access landscape lighting controls from anywhere you have internet connection. 

Landscape Lighting Design and Installation Discourages Unwanted Visitors and Welcomes Wanted Ones

Well-lit homes are less susceptible to burglaries, and landscape lighting design also can improve the functionality of your property for welcomed guests. Strategically placed outdoor lighting can illuminate pathways and dark staircases so that you, your guests, and your pets can navigate your property without fear of tripping. 

Wes Carver Electric not only warranties workmanship and parts, but we also offer 100% customer service satisfaction. For more information about our landscape lighting design and installation services or other services, feel free to reach out to our team today!