The Buzz About Your Home’s Electrical Outlets

Electricity is essential for modern houses, so electrical outlets may just be one of the most important accessories in your home. As you well know, outlets provide a safe way for electrical appliances to plug-in and access your house’s supply of electricity. With properly functioning outlets, your home has a great preventative measure against short circuits and electrical mishaps. Unfortunately, just like any appliance, outlets can be installed incorrectly or malfunction, leaving your home a risk. In these cases, it is best to call a trusted electrician to help fix the problem.

Luckily, there are a few simple ways to determine if your outlet (or something else) is acting up. At Wes Carver Electric, our friendly, neighborhood technicians are experts in electrical outlets, and we have created a short list of troubleshooting tips for outlet issues. After our specialists diagnose the issue, we can provide excellent outlet installations, repairs, and replacements to keep you and your family safe.  

Why Is My Outlet Making a Buzzing Noise?

One simple way to tell if there is an issue with your outlet is if you hear a buzzing noise coming from one of them. A buzzing electrical outlet is most commonly caused by a deterioration of parts inside the outlet. When you plug something into the wall, contact blades hold the plug inside. However, if you have outdated electrical outlets that aren’t tamper-resistant, you could be dealing with a loose connection — this is often the cause of a buzzing electrical outlet. If you notice buzzing coming from any of your outlets, it is best to bring in an electrician to replace the unit. 

It Could Be Your Lamp or Fixture

Sometimes bad wiring within an electrical fixture will cause the buzzing noise — not the outlet! If you hear buzzing, the best way to check if it is the outlet or the electric device is to unplug it and test it elsewhere. If the buzzing starts up again, the fixture is most likely the culprit, and you can let your outlet live to fight another day! 

. . . Or the Light Dimmer 

Light dimmers can cause buzzing to occur at the lighting fixture and at other outlets if they share a circuit. The easiest way to determine if a dimmer is at fault is to switch off the light and listen at the outlet. If you hear nothing, then you can be pretty certain that the dimmer is the cause of the sound. 

. . . Or Intermittent Power Loss

If an electrical outlet was improperly installed or it is showing signs of wear and tear after many years of use, it can cause periodic power loss in the outlet. When the wires inside of the outlet are not working properly, the electrical current can escape from its intended path and cause a buzzing sound, along with potential power outages. 

If you are having problems with your outlets, most of the time it is preferable to bring in an expert to diagnose and fix the problem. When you call Wes Carver Electric in Lansdale, PA, our electricians will perform safe and efficient electrical repairs, replacements, and rewiring services to get your home up and running correctly. For more information on our electrical services or to schedule an appointment, fill out a fast service request here, or give us a call today! 

We look forward to assisting you!