Which Style of Kitchen Lighting Sparks Your Interest?

Which Style of Kitchen Lighting Sparks Your Interest?

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Photo: Marcus Pink, Flickr Creative Commons

In 2015, trends in kitchen lighting reveal we’ve moved far beyond plain old functionality! When it comes to brightening our kitchens, professional and amateur interior designers alike are striving to make style statements.

Curious what’s trending in kitchen lighting this year? Wes Carver Electric will break down what’s hot in kitchen lighting fixtures into five convenient categories. Which one lights your fire?

1. Glamorous

Sparkly and shiny are the guiding principles for this kitchen lighting trend. Think luxurious materials like crystal and colored glass forming classically styled chandeliers, or maybe silver or bronze pendant lighting sculpted into abstract designs. Remember: If you’re going with a chandelier, a popular trend is to choose one with shades over each bulb, keeping the light soft and atmospheric.

2. Geometric

A trend for the twenty-first century! Many popular light fixtures this year use bronze lattice to create a riot of geometric shapes, an effect the contemporary-minded will love. Hanging colored glass pendant lighting can also achieve this effect and bring a vibrant splash to kitchens done in muted tones.

3. Rustic

Go natural with kitchen lighting made from mica, oil-rubbed bronze, and even woods like walnut or oak. The idea is to create a country vibe that makes your guests feel right at home.

4. Industrial

Another fad for the modern-minded! Simplicity and a sense of the utilitarian define industrial kitchen lighting, a category that includes old-fashioned iron lanterns, caged ceiling fixtures, and lamps shaded in burlap. Sound too much like factory lighting for you? You’d be surprised how right this style can be inside industrial spaces transformed into spacious, open-concept kitchens.

5. New Classic

Timeless elegance never goes out of style. Wide chandeliers in polished metal, hanging pendants in colored class, and wide bowl pendent chandeliers are a few possibilities in a realm of lighting you can count on to stay in vogue.

Remember: You don’t have to remodel the entire kitchen to give the room a refresh! New lighting often furnishes the space with fresh zest, creating a sense that additional work has been done.

When it comes to who to call for your kitchen lighting, keep our number on hand! Wes Carver Electric is well known for timely, precise kitchen lighting installation throughout Bucks County and Montgomery County. We’d be happy to help: (215) 855-3340!