Winter Electrical Safety Tips from Our Bucks County Electrician


Now that it is officially wintertime here in Bucks County, the Wes Carver Electric team would like to take a moment to offer a few electrical safety tips for the cold season:

  1. Turn off appliances when you go on vacation: To cut down on the risk of electrical fires and save money on electricity, it’s wise to turn off large appliances (HVAC systems, lighting systems, etc.) when you go on a winter trip. Furthermore, remember never to leave your dryer running when your family is sleeping or away from the house, as there is always the risk of a dryer fire occurring.
  2. Take precautions when using extension cords: Believe it or not, extension cords can pose a threat to your safety. They have the potential to short-circuit and overheat, which can lead to an electrical fire. To prevent this from happening, be sure to use the correct extension cord for the appliance you’re powering. In addition, never bend the prongs on a cord to make it fit an outlet.
  3. Educate your children about electrical safety: Unless they are taught about them, kids will not be aware of the dangers of electricity. Therefore, if you have young children, it’s essential to teach them about electrical safety. Warn them about the dangers of putting electronics in water, and show them how to safely use electrical outlets. Doing so will decrease the chance of an electrical crisis occurring in your household.
  4. Hire a certified Bucks County electrical contractor if issues arise: When you need electrical repairs done in your home, be sure to choose a licensed Bucks County electrician such as Wes Carver. Allowing someone who is not certified to work on your appliances can be detrimental – improper electrical work can lead to property damage and even electrical fires.

By following these steps, you’ll decrease your chances for fires and other electrical-related hazards this winter and all year round.

Why Is Wes Carver the Electrician Bucks County Trusts?

If you encounter an electrical issue this winter, hire Wes Carver as your electrical contractor in Bucks County. Since 1999, we’ve been providing unrivaled electrical repair work to Montgomery & Bucks counties. Whether you need assistance with general wiring, generator installation and maintenance or lighting, we’re the Bucks County electrician for you.

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