Professional Recessed Lighting Installation in Ambler, PA

Have you been putting off that lighting makeover for your home for too long? Don’t worry. We understand it can be intimidating to even begin to think about replacing your lighting — and it can be even tougher to make sure you’re choosing a reputable service company to carry out the job.

However, we here at Wes Carver Electric want to help you with your choice. When you need recessed lighting installation in Ambler, we encourage you to look to us to take care of the job. Why exactly?

What we offer is an unflinching dedication to the details of your personal project. Locally owned and operated since 1999, our company has been helping homeowners just like you with lighting installation.

We don’t operate that way. We want to have the final product look exactly the way you expected it to look like. And that requires thorough conversations with you about the room and what type of results you’re looking for. Call us perfectionists, but when you need a quality recessed lighting installation in Ambler, you only get perfection from Wes Carver Electric.

Innovative Lighting Control Solutions

Not only do we offer some of the best solutions for interior lighting renovations, but we also give our customers the option to take back total control of their home’s lighting and power output.

Enter the Radio-Ra2 lighting system by Lutron. We here at Wes Carver Electric are the only electricians in the area that are certified to design, install, and program this system in your home. So what exactly is it? This system allows you to control your home’s lighting with an app on either your smartphone or tablet.

That’s right — whether you’re at home and need an extra option for controlling lights in other rooms, or you’re away on vacation and forgot to turn that light switch to “off,” you can take care of it all with the Radio-Ra2 system.

When we do an interior lighting job for you, ask us for more information! All of our electricians are briefed and knowledgeable on the system.

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