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Who are the electricians Blue Bell residents turn to for their electrical services? Ours! At Wes Carver Electric, we have built a company that’s known for its decades of experience, many positive customer reviews, and unmatched levels of customer service.

Wes Carver Electric has been in business since 1999, and we’ve been growing every year. Our professional and capable electricians are passionate about what they do and will stop at nothing to make sure every customer they help is completely satisfied before they leave. There’s no electrical service we can’t handle, and to make things even better, we offer same-day service and guarantee you won’t be left in the dark in terms of when we’re arriving.

Ask our loyal customers who’ve been with us for years, and they’ll tell you what sets us apart from the competition. When you interact with one of our licensed electricians, you’ll see the difference immediately. We conduct ourselves professionally, show up in uniforms, and always have a smile on our faces. We don’t just show up to your home and cross you off the list; we think of you as our neighbor, and we treat you as such!

You’ll get a totally different class of service with our Blue Bell electricians, and we can’t wait for you to see the difference. Contact us online today, or give us a call at (215) 855-3340 to schedule electrical services in Blue Bell. 

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Electrical Repair in Blue Bell

Sometimes an electrical problem that seems like it may be in one part of the house can actually originate from somewhere different. Electrical issues can be confusing, but we always find the root cause with our electrical repair in Blue Bell.

Wiring Troubleshooting and Repair

Electrical wiring can sometimes become damaged by mice or even by water leaking from your plumbing. Older types of wiring can also become loose after changes in temperature and start to cause electrical problems. It’s important to call a Wes Carver Electric electrician in Blue Bell, PA to find and repair faulty wiring and loose connections before they cause more serious problems.

Electrical Panel Repair

Does your panel feel hot to the touch? Have you noticed a hot electrical smell when you’re near your electrical panel? These are both signs that you need electrical panel services. You should also watch out for breakers that are tripping constantly or lights that flicker when you turn on appliances.

Outlet and Switch Repairs

Like anything else in your home, outlets and switches can break because of wear and tear. After plugging in too many devices or turning the lights on and off for years, your outlets may need to be repaired. As soon as you have a problem with your outlets and switches, call us for electrical repair services in Blue Bell, PA.

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Electrical Safety Evaluations in Blue Bell

We love finding problems before they become a hazard to you and your family. Our electrical safety evaluations are an important part of this process. When you call us for a safety check, we’ll work through a 26-point checklist to make sure your GFI outlets, panels, wiring, and more are safe.

More Electrical Services in Blue Bell

We can take care of every part of your electrical system. We offer many more services in Blue Bell, including: 

  • Lighting controls
  • Code violation repairs
  • Ceiling fan installation
  • Attic fan and ventilation installation
  • Whole house surge protection
  • Residential electrical services
  • And much more!

Our Electrical Services in Blue Bell

We provide a multitude of services including general wiring, interior lighting installation, lighting controls, electrical safety evaluations, EV charger installation, landscape lighting installation, and more in Blue Bell, PA. Our licensed electricians are committed to helping you enjoy a dependable and convenient electrical system. All of our electrical services in Blue Bell are completed in a timely manner since customer satisfaction is one of our top priorities. When you choose Wes Carver Electric, you can expect great service!

Electrical Installation in Blue Bell

Is your electrical system outdated and inconvenient? Many of the homes in Blue Bell still have the old electrical wiring and devices that were installed when the home was first built. It can be difficult to enjoy modern technology with an old electrical system. With our electrical installation in Blue Bell, you can solve many of the different frustrations that you may have in your home. 

Interior Lighting Installation

Have you always wanted a chandelier in the kitchen or a ceiling fan light fixture in the living room? You can have both with our lighting installation in Blue Bell, PA. We offer modern and efficient lighting solutions including LED lighting, recessed lighting, accent lighting, and more.

Electrical Panel Upgrades

If you want to add a room to your home, or you are thinking about purchasing a new appliance such as a hot tub or an EV charger, you will want to call us first to see if your current electrical panel can handle the upgrade. You may also need to replace your panel if it is an unsafe brand, such as Zinsco or Federal Pacific Electric, or if you want to leave room for future electrical growth. Panel replacement, installation, and upgrades are all part of our electrical panel services at Wes Carver Electric.

EV Charger Installation in Blue Bell

Every electric vehicle comes with a charger that can be plugged into a regular outlet. Unfortunately, these chargers can take hours to charge. When you don’t have hours to wait, you can call us for our EV charger installation in Blue Bell. We install Level 2 chargers which can completely charge your car in around 8-10 hours.

Outlet and Switch Installation

If you have five appliances plugged into power strips on every outlet in your home, this is a good sign that you may need an outlet and switch installation. Many older homes lack adequate outlets and switches, and you may want to add more or upgrade to devices that better serve your home. We can install everything from smart outlets and switches to standard 3-prong outlets.

Landscape Lighting Installation

Having a well-lit exterior can boost your curb appeal and make your property safer. With our landscape lighting installation and design, you can add security lighting to the front of your home, put lighting on pathways, or highlight some of your favorite trees and shrubs.

Electrical Wiring and Rewiring Services

Older types of wiring are not only outdated, but they can also be unsafe. We offer electrical wiring and rewiring services in Blue Bell to help bring your home up to code. Upgrading old wiring can provide you with the benefits of more security, fewer repairs, and lower electrical costs. Looking for a highly-rated and reliable electrician in Lansdale, PA? Call Wes Carver Electric at (215) 855-3340 to schedule an appointment today!

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Wes Carver Electric has offered quality electrical repairs and installations in Bucks and Montgomery County for more than 20 years. During this time, we have established ourselves as a company that always puts customers first and that has the highest standard for electrical services. We look forward to working with you as you seek to improve your home.

For any service, big or small, call the electrician Blue Bell residents trust: Wes Carver Electric! Don’t hesitate to connect with our team today for electrical services in Blue Bell by contacting us online, or giving us a call at (215) 855-3340. Our friendly professionals are standing by to assist you.