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Wouldn’t you love to have a host of charming lights guiding the path to your front door? It is a welcoming sight after a long day at work. Outdoor lights can instantly make houses look warm and inviting. Aside from its aesthetic value, landscape lights are also extremely practical. They strengthen the security of your home, they reduce accidents, and they allow more activities to take place outdoors and at night. The benefits are amazing!

If your house could use some landscape lighting, we’ve got you covered. Wes Carver Electric would love to be your trusted electrician for landscape lighting installation in Jamison. We’ve been in the business for fifteen years, excelling in services such as: generator installation, electrical repairs, general wiring, safety inspections, interior lighting, and of course: landscape lighting. We are known for our superior workmanship, affordability, and reliability. We’d love to meet you and brighten up your day– and night!

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There are many landscapers out there who install landscape lights as an add-on sale, but at Wes Carver, you get it all: a talented electrician who not only installs your lights, but professionally designs your lighting project, based on your own ideas and mixed with our own insightful suggestions. For an even nicer finish, we’ll come to your house in the evening to make any adjustments that are necessary.

Fortunately for our customers, our method of wiring helps us to minimize the number of underground connections, which means lower maintenance and less issues overall. You can expect long-lasting repairs and installations from Wes Carver Electric, who is eager to supply your landscape lighting installation in Jamison.


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Wes Carver Electric is a company committed to greatness. We maintain high standards for our employees to guarantee your satisfaction. We promise to:

  • Use only the highest-quality products and brands for your projects
  • Be direct about pricing; no hidden fees
  • Clean up our mess and leave your house spotless
  • Complete your project on-schedule, and show up to your appointment on time
  • Give background checks and drug tests to all of our employees
  • Give practical advice and listen to all of your concerns
  • Return your phone calls within 24 hours
  • Smile!

Contact us today to learn more about our services, and discover why we’re the landscape lighting installation Jamison homeowners are betting on.

Call us at: 215-­855-­3340
Or email: info@wescarverelectric.com.

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