Discolored Outlets Beware

Discolored Outlets Beware When plugging and unplugging items into your outlets, take a moment to visual inspect your outlet. If you see any browning or singed markings, there is a possibility that a loose connection is causing your outlet to burn and melt. Our licensed electricians were recently performing an inspection for a customer in […]

No Need to Ruin the Tile Look

No Need to Ruin the Tile Look When remodeling you kitchen or bathroom, having to cut the tile to fit the outlets seems like a good way to ruin the look of the tile. Why not think outside the box? Task Lighting did just that. How about using an angles receptacle strip to blend in your […]

Great Basement Project

Great Basement Project We recently completed a great basement project with Gemmi Construction. Our licensed electricians wired an unfinished basement and helped to make it a space for entertainment and leisure. This project included everything from dimmer switches, receptacles, pendant lighting, recessed lighting, and under cabinet lighting. There was even exhaust fan work for the powder room.

Spring Has Arrived

Spring Has Arrived Time to assess winter damage.  Winter storms take their toll. High winds, downed trees, and windblown debris often cause damage to your home – especially the light fixtures. The arrival of spring serves as the perfect opportunity to inspect your exterior lighting for damage ad start you electrical repair “To Do” list. […]

Cost vs. Value

Cost vs. Value When deciding on which home improvement projects take precedence, it sometimes helps to have the cost vs. value for said projects. Thanks to Remodeling Magazine, we do. Whether its an addition or a renovation, interior or exterior work, you will find it on this list. Backup Generators are also on the list. Take a look at […]

Home Safety Check

Home Safety Check Just Like your car or Heating & Air Conditioning system, your home needs an occasional check-up to ensure that everything is in optimal working condition. We offer a 26-Point Home Safety Check program to assess the health of your home’s electrical system. We’ll look at the main electrical panels and sub panels  main […]

Testing a GFI Outlet

Testing a GFI Outlet GFI’s should be tested once a month to ensure proper operation and protect against life-threatening electrical shock. To test a GFI protected outlet, follow the steps below: Plug a light into the GFI protected outlet. Turn the light on to verify the light bulb is lit. Push the “TEST” button on the GFI. […]

The Importance of GFI Receptacles in Your Home

The Importance of GFI Receptacles in Your Home: The GFI (ground fault interrupter) is designed to guard people and pets from severe and sometimes fatal electrical shock. A GFI detects grounds faults and interrupts the flow of electric current. Picture a hair dryer (blow dryer) that is acccidentally knocked into a bathtub filled with water. […]