Banner in Lansdale

Banner in Lansdale Take a look and see whose banner was highlighted in a Lansdale-Montgomeryville Patch story! Click Here to see.

Residual Damage from Sandy

Residual Damage from Sandy Residual damage from super storm Sandy is being found in New Jersey homes. Any home that suffered water damage and flooding most likely has wet electrical wiring. Once an electrical wire has been exposed to water, it never completely dries out. This can be an unseen fire hazard. If you suffered water damage from Sandy, […]

Tragedy in Boston

Tragedy in Boston Our thoughts and prayers go out to all those in attendance at the Boston Marathon, especially to the families of the victims and injured. Marathons are meant to bring out the best of the human spirit and unite our cities and towns. This is a tragic day for our nation.

It Could Happen To Anyone

It Could Happen To Anyone If you were watching the Super Bowl last night, then you know about the power outage that halted the game for 34 minutes. That just goes to show you that it can happen to anyone.  Luckily they had a back up generator system that offered some lights until they could […]

Benefits of a Safety Check

Benefits of a Safety Check Just like our cars, our homes also need the occasional check up. We were recently called regarding a small wire repair for a customer in Ambler. When we went to repair the wire we found that most of the electrical wires that run in the attic had been feasted on by a […]

When Will The Next Power Outage Be?

When Will The Next Power Outage Be? We don’t know when the next big storm or power outage will hit us, but  three more of our customers will be very comfortable with their new generators.

Home Safety Check

Home Safety Check Just Like your car or Heating & Air Conditioning system, your home needs an occasional check-up to ensure that everything is in optimal working condition. We offer a 26-Point Home Safety Check program to assess the health of your home’s electrical system. We’ll look at the main electrical panels and sub panels  main […]

Seasonal Fire Safety

Seasonal Fire Safety There’s no place like home for the holidays! Which is why we want you to be safe this holiday season. To make sure your holiday is memorable for all the right reasons, follow these simple steps: Make certain that your home has enough smoke detectors/alarms. Carefully check each electrical decoration prior to […]

Avoid electrical fires and surges!

Avoid Electrical Fires and Surges! Our electricians were recently on a job in North Wales to troubleshoot a problem for our customer. They reported that a few outlets were not working. While troubleshooting, our electrician found this: There was a loose connection on one side. As you can see, this loose connection caused the outlet […]

Benefits of Surge Protection in Your Home

Benefits of Surge Protection in Your Home As digital technologies become more integrated into our everyday lives, homeowners need to be wary of getting burned— literally. The average residence receives more than 2,000 transient electrical surges each year, resulting in approximately $26 billion in total yearly losses for North American homes and businesses. But it’s […]