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Let us Make Your Holidays Brighter!

Let us Make Your Holidays Brighter! As you prepare your home for entertaining holiday guests, don’t forget the lighting. Enhance…

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Holiday Safety

Holiday Safety Tips: This holiday season, use caution when decorating around the home. Candles, while festive, can pose a fire…

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Foyer Lighting

Proper Foyer Lighting Foyers help to set the tone for the rest of your home. This makes it a pretty…

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Exhaust Fans

More from the 2011 Electric Expo! Panasonic was showing off their newest eco-friendly exhaust fans. Today’s fans are much quieter…

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Motorized Window Treatments

Motorized Window Treatments Windows are a key design element in any residence. They can bring comforting, refreshing daylight to your…

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Turn your thermostat down

Turn down your thermostat during the winter months For every two degrees that you lower your thermostat during the winter…

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Avoid electrical fires and surges!

Avoid Electrical Fires and Surges! Our electricians were recently on a job in North Wales to troubleshoot a problem for…

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Lutron Radio-RA2

Save Energy and Add Convenience with Radio-RA 2 Lighting Control System! Lutron Radio-RA 2 is a lighting control system that…

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EV Charging Stations

Electric Cars are here! The 2011 Electrical Expo had some interesting things to show this year. Electrical vehicles are quickly…

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Occupancy Sensors

Occupancy Sensors A great way to save energy in your building it to install occupancy sensors. They are perfect for…

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