Electrical Panel Repair in Lansdale, PA

Your electrical panel serves as the control center for your electrical system, making sure the right amount of electricity reaches every device within your home and protecting your system from overload. When something goes wrong with your circuit breaker, you will need a fast electrical panel repair to have the problem resolved. 

At Wes Carver Electric, we love helping our friends and neighbors with their electrical concerns because we can ensure that the repair is done correctly. We are proud to be able to make homes in Lansdale and the rest of Bucks and Montgomery counties safer. 

If you need electrical panel repair in Lansdale, PA, or the surrounding areas, you can contact us today for more information. We are available by phone at (267) 498-9009, or you can reach out to us through our online form.

Electrical Panel Repair in Lansdale PA | Wes Carver Electric

Our Electrical Panel Repair Services in Landsdale

At Wes Carver Electric, we look beyond surface-level problems to address the root of the issue. Often, many of the electrical problems that you may be experiencing throughout your home could be related to a problem with your electrical panel. When you call us with concerns about electrical problems, we will come and look at your panel. 

We want to make your electrical panel repair easy, which is why we offer our short three-hour windows. Once you choose a window, we are always committed to arriving on time. If we come for your repair outside of the window, we’ll take $25 off your invoice. 

We will take a look at your electrical panel box and other components of your electrical system to identify the problem. Once we find it, we will give you an upfront estimate. At Wes Carver Electric, we don’t want you to have to worry about hidden fees or surprises, so you’ll get your estimate in writing. 

Finally, we will complete the repairs. We are committed to performing the work right the first time, and we stand by this promise with our 100% customer satisfaction guarantee and our five-year workmanship guarantee. 

When Is an Electrical Panel Repair Needed?

One of the first signs of electrical panel problems is a tripping breaker. If you try to turn on your microwave or your air fryer and your electrical panel box keeps tripping, there may be a problem with the breaker or the panel. Flickering or dimming lights is another common sign of panel problems. 

If you notice smoking, black marks, or sparks coming from your panel, you should call an electrician right away to come and make your electrical system safe again. You should also assume that there is a problem if your electrical panel feels hot to the touch. 

Does your electrical panel or electrical sub panel need to be repaired? Contact us today at (267) 498-9009 or through our website to schedule services at Wes Carver Electric. 

Do You Need An Electrical Panel Repair or Upgrade?

When we come to perform your circuit breaker panel repair, you may have problems that are serious enough to consider an upgrade rather than a repair. We will let you know if we recommend upgrading your panel. 

A panel upgrade is the process of replacing your old panel with something that has enough amps to handle the electrical demands of your home. If you have an outdated panel that is 100 amps or less, it may not be able to support modern appliances and devices, so you may find yourself having to reset tripped breakers more often. 

Upgrades may also be necessary if you have an old or unsafe breaker box, your insurance is requiring a panel upgrade, or you are getting ready to add appliances or rooms to your home. You may also need an upgrade instead of an electrical service panel repair in Lansdale if you don’t have enough outlets or you are using too many extension cords and power strips to plug everything in. 

Fast and Convenient Electrical Panel Repairs in Lansdale

Whether your main panel or your electrical sub panel needs to be repaired, our electricians are here to help. At Wes Carver Electric, we have been providing quality services to homes in Bucks and Montgomery counties for over 20 years. Since 1999 we have striven to offer the same quality services for even the smallest repairs so that we can be trusted in our community. When you need a circuit breaker panel repair, one of our electricians will be there to troubleshoot the problem and fix it. 

Are you looking for a trusted electrician for your electrical service panel repair? Call Wes Carver Electric today at (267) 498-9009 or fill out an online service request form.

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